Brian Alquist, President of 1Direction Inc., an ActionCOACH company, continues his Growth Accelerator series with tips for developing a good relationship with money – essential habits that help small business owners enjoy of life of abundance. Tune in now to continue your journey through the Growth Accelerator series.
Learn more about Brian at his website, Action Coach, Brian Alquist.


Meet Brian Alquist

Brian AlquistBrian Alquist is the founder of 1Direction Inc., an ActionCOACH business coaching company located in northeast Ohio. Brian specializes in professional business coaching services for small business owners in the region, and particularly those that are results-oriented and aspire to high-impact growth and business transition strategies. Business partners and colleagues know Brian as a trusted, organized, highly energetic, and competent professional who gets things done.

Brian is a business executive turned-entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience with a BS Degree in Chemical Engineering from Grove City College and an MBA from Baldwin Wallace College. He holds certifications from Case Western Reserve University, ActionCOACH, and The DeBono Institute. He is active in the Northeast Ohio community and is a frequent volunteer with various charities and institutes.

Brian is a coach, trainer, speaker and facilitator whose affordable group and individual programs are designed to deliver high-impact results for small business owners and their teams.

Learn more about Brian Alquist at Action Coach Brian Alquist, and also on Facebook and Linked-In.


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